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John Parle, 1838-1899

from Indiana Historical Society - Manuscripts & Archives - John Parle Papers


Processed By Paul Brockman 30 April 1996


  • VOLUME OF COLLECTION: 2 folders, 1 oversize folder
  • COLLECTION DATES: 1870-1899
  • PROVENANCE: John Adams representing Indianapolis Public Schools Education Office, 120 E. Walnut Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204, 21 February 1990
  • REPRODUCTION RIGHTS: Permission to reproduce or publish material in this collection must be obtained in writing from the Indiana Historical Society.
  • RELATED HOLDINGS: Indianapolis Arsenal Records (M650); James O'Neal Papers (SC 2557)
  • ACCESSION NUMBER: 94.0017x
  • NOTES: Received as part the Indianapolis Arsenal Records. Separated because of private nature--deceased soldier's personal effects.


John Parle (1838-1899) was born in Wexford County, Ireland, immigrated to the United States and settled near Detroit, Michigan. He enlisted in the United States Army as early as 1867, became a United States citizen in 1873, and served as an enlisted man in the Ordnance Department at West Point, NY, Fort Clark, TX, Fort Douglas, UT, and Indianapolis, IN. Parle was a sergeant assigned to the Ordnance Department at the Indianapolis Arsenal at the time of his death.
Source: Information in collection.


The collection contains Parle's personal effects, turned over to Major Charles Shaler of the Indianapolis Arsenal at the time of his death (1899). Included are discharge-reenlistment and promotion documents, 1870-1893, his application for United States citizenship, 1873, and personal and military related correspondence, 1893-1898. Additional items in the collection include photographs apparently of Parle and other unidentified individuals, and two Soldier's Handbooks from 1885 and 1893.


  • Papers & Documents, 1870-1899 (also VC and ART)
  • Soldier's Handbooks (2), 1883, 1895


11 February 2001  From: John Patrick Parle  To: Mike Parle

Subject: Request to Consolidate all Parle Information in a Word Document

Hi Michael,

You are certainly welcomed to use any info that I've distributed on general Parle history.

I'll send you a copy the of Parle coat of arms I have; though I can't attest to its authenticity. It's something that has been in our family and the Midwestern USA Parle families for decades.

My branch of the Parle family came from the Deeps townland area in the Tikillin civil parish, which is in the Crossabeg Roman Catholic parish Co. Wexford. I think Crossabeg RC is sometimes called Ballymurn.

I'm rereading your earlier messages, and I think there is info there that would be great to post at the Parle family website. I'll write you again soon.

Bye for now.

John Patrick Parle, Pontiac, Michigan, USA


27 March 2001  From: John Patrick Parle  To: Mike Parle

Subject: Parle Coat of Arms

Hi Mike,

On the Parle coat of arms, the copy that Wanda sent me (and I forwarded to you) is quite similar to one of the versions that Dennis in Sydney has. Attached to Wanda's copy was this note:  "I came across the PARLE Coat or Arms that I had copied in 1968 from the original that Henry or 'Harry' Parle had in his possession. The Priest 'Tom' Parle had a copy made in Ireland on one of his trips."

Fr. Tom Parle was a priest in the 1940s and 1950s in the Iowa area.

He was the uncle of the Ensign John J. Parle, the WWII hero for whom the USS Parle naval ship was named, and who won the Congressional Medal of Honor (the highest military honor in the USA). Fr. Tom was also the uncle of Fr. Richard Parle in Washington State who was on your e-mail list (Fr. Dick is around 70 years now).

Fr. Tom's family came from the Bannow area of Co. Wexford, on the southern coast.

It appears that the coat of arms came from Ireland via Fr. Tom decades ago. I wonder if he is the American at the Shannon airport referenced by Lorna Ashley in Victoria?

Bye for now, and best wishes.

John Patrick


April? 2001  From Mike Parle

Dear JP,

Thank you for your latest note on the Parle Coat of Arms. Very interesting indeed.

I suppose that Lorna Ashley in Victoria might answer that question?

Another geographical co-incidence I must add is that in the 1950's my Dad Joe Parle used to take a summer cottage very near to Bannow in South Wexford. Fred, Johnny and I as small children joined our parents for three consecutive years (1951-1953).

Many years later circa early 1976 I bought a 'Wexford cottage' on a few acres in Bannow Moor in the same parish. Although I have sold the cottage, I retained the land. Late last year I got full planning permission from Wexford County Council to build two houses on the land.

So the Parle connection with Bannow and the Barony of Bargy lives on.

I have made inquiries on Danes Castle, Bannow from a 2nd cousin of my Dad, John White. He lives in 'The Farmhouse' in Bannow, and tells me that Danes Castle is on the Duncormick side of Carrick-on Bannow (the nearest village) to Bannow. This is where all the action used to take place on a Friday night (Black & White movies in the local hall!).

The data I compiled last Dec on Fr. Dick Parle who comes from that family is set down below:

"Fr. Dick Parle Is a Roman Catholic priest at Sacred Heart parish Lacey, Washington, USA. Is youngest son of Mr HV Parle (Grandfather John T Parle, Great Grandfather of Thomas Parle of Danes Castle, Carrig 'on Bannow, Co. Wexford. Was he a priest in Korea?

Brothers Frank and Gerry are now retired. Frank is knowledgeable about the Parles. His eldest brother John Joseph was posthumously awarded the 'Congressional Medal of Honor' for putting himself into the path of death at the beginning of the invasion of Sicily World War 11. A ship was named after him DE708 USS. John Parle."

Although I have sent e-mails to all three brothers, and have them on my circulation list, I have never heard from them direct.

Good hunting



5.4.2001  From John Patrick Parle to Wanda Thompson

Hi Wanda,

I know that Fr. Richard Parle had a parish in Washington State recently. On another point, there seems to be two areas of interest in general Parle family research.

1) How the Parle family got its start in Ireland, and from where (Normandy, Flanders, Brittany)? and

2) How closely related are the numerous Parle families of today from around the world (most have their origins in southern Wexford)?

I bet these two questions will keep Parle researchers quite busy for a long time. Then too most Parle folks in the New World are interested in what part of Co. Wexford their Parle ancestor came from, and if there are Parle families living in that area today (possible Old World relatives)?

Part of me likes research, so these kinds of questions can be intriguing. It seems like many of the California Parles are related, or come from just a few families a generation or two ago.

Bye for now.

John Patrick


19 Nov 2000  From L. Svoboda  

Re: Parle - Michael

I am beginning to search for my Irish great grandfather, Michael Parle. On his Petition for Citizenship he stated 29 Nov 1865 as his birth date in County Wexford, Ireland. He arrived in the USA on 08 May 1880 and died in Cleveland, Ohio, on 05 Oct 1901.

Interested in all info regarding him and older family members and how he - at age 15 - got to the USA and ultimately Cleveland!!!


1998  From Richard J Parle - Lacey, Washington, USA  To Michael A Parle

Dear Michael,

I am Richard J. Parle, age 67, RC Priest, pastor of Sacred Heart parish in Lacey, Wa. I am youngest son of H. V. Parle, son of John T. Parle, son of Thomas Parle of Danes Castle, Carrig 'on Bannow, Wexford (my Great, great grandfather).

My brother Frank is also online and also brother Jerry. They are both retired and have more time! Frank is knowledgeable about the Parles.

Our great grand dad (Thomas Parle) had to leave Ireland because of danger- he lost two brothers and a fourth went to Lima Peru where his grandson worked for the Peruvian Telephone Company. We are related to Whites, Deverauxs, Sinnots, among others. One account a cousin gave us was that apart from the Carnsore boys, another group settled first at Manadon Manor near Exeter, supposedly because of "services to the crown".

Later two, for further 'services' went off to just north of Bandon County Cork, where they thrived until they got on the wrong side of the Jacobite thing and ended up as poor tenant farmers in Wexford. Our family was definitely deeply involved in the 1798 uprising, and we have a recording by my granddad of some patriotic songs. One family saying: "with the help of God and the Parle boys" --rather bold, what?

Note: Jacobite was an adherent of James 11 (1633 - 1701) after his overthrow in 1688, or of his descendants in their attempt to regain the throne. The Jacobite Rebellion (1745 - 46) led by Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, which after initial successes was crushed at the battle of Culloden.

Supposed coat of arms motto: "fidele et brave".

Our eldest brother John certainly was that, he was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for putting himself into the path of death at the beginning of the invasion of Sicily a ship was named after him DE708 U.S.S. John Parle. The Father Tom Parle mentioned in your account is my late uncle, Dad's older brother.

All the best for now, Dick Parle.


8 Oct 2001  From Fr. Dick Parle to Mike Parle

Subj: Thanks

Dear Mike,

Thank you for the contact, and sorry for being hard to find. I changed web sites some time back and failed to notify all my contacts. It looks like I'll be roped to msn for some time to come.

Just to fill in a bit, as you know I am a Priest, now 70 yrs of age, retired from the position of pastor but serving as "vicar" at Sacred Heart Church in Lacey, Washington. I formerly was a missionary with the Columban Fathers (Navan, Ireland.) serving fifteen years in Korea until no longer needed in that mission then four years as a vocation director with the Columbans in the U.S. (Boston and West coast) then Columban pastor of a parish in Seattle. Then two years ministering to the Korean communities of Western Washington and Portland, Oregan, then finally electing to join the Archdiocese of Seattle as I was not needed in Korea owing to the wonderful crop of vocations there.

The Morman website ( ) has quite a list of Parles including some early ones from Utrecht and Cologne. My family's traceable roots are to Danecastle, Carrig-on-Bannow, Co. Wexford. The family home there, now long gone was in the field to the west(?) of the old castle ruin which was bordered on the other side by the Devereaux home. I'm suspicious that that Devereaux may be the one a Parle married.

Four Parle boys of our family were in the 1798 uprising, two killed one off to China on a boat, probably out of Bannow, one off to New York city. That one returned and married and lived in the rental cottage in Danescastle and had four sons. Two were hung by the Brits; one went off to Lima Peru with a man named Hassett, whose grand nephew was Father Tony Hassett of the Columban Fathers. The Parle in Lima Peru's descendant was a benefactor of the Columban Fathers in Lima, Peru, or so I was informed by the then Columban Superior General, Father Jimmie Kielt, who met him in Lima. I have tried to discover who he might be but have not been able to so far. Anyway, the remaining brother fled Ireland and came to Ohio and worked in the coal mines there. His son moved to Maryville, Missouri; my grandfather moved from there to a farm outside Fort Dodge, Iowa, and had four sons, one of whom was my Dad, Charles Henry Parle, who called himself Harry Vincent Parle. His older brother, my uncle, was Father Thomas Parle, a Priest of the Sioux City, Iowa diocese. Enough for now!

Love, Father Richard Parle


25 Aug 2000  From Wanda nee Bridges Parle Thompson

Re: Parle Family

Anyone know anything about the Parle's that were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1800's and then went to San Francisco and raised a family? This Richard married Bridget O'Neiland. His brother John buried in the San Francisco Presidio Cemetery. Need some help please. Thank you

Wanda Thompson 


28.2.2001  From Wanda Thompson, Stockton, California

Hi Mike,

Funny, my computer only showed all the people you were sending to and then a little thing that looked like a piece of paper and blue lettering that said Parle Coat of Arms. But my address is Wanda Thompson 6333 Pacific Ave. PMB Stockton, Ca. 95207. USA.

My husband and I are campground hosts for an Army Depot south of Stockton and they allow me to use one of the military computers. Unfortunately, there are limits to what I can do with it. No downloading and no scanner. Thank goodness I do have a printer to use. I have only been at this internet business for about 8 months and I am teaching myself how to use this blasted thing. It is getting more and more familiar every day and I find I really enjoy it a lot.

Of course, my husband says he never sees me anymore and has almost forgot what I look like. (This computer is in a building across the street from where we live in our 40ft 5th wheel.)

Thanks for being understanding.



28 February 2001  From: Wanda  To: Mike Parle

Subject: Parle Coat of Arms (Try Again)

Hi Mike,

I got see the attachment today so no need to send it by mail. I had to get one of the Army Recruiters to show me how to see a copy of it. We put it on a floppy disk and then went to another computer to retrieve it. I haven't been using a computer very long and am teaching myself. Slow process. But at the ripe old age of almost 68 I'm learning fast.

To set the record straight. I got a copy of the Coat of Arms from H. V. Parle from Omaha, Nebraska (Father of Fr. Dick Parle, Gerry, Frank & the late John Parle) when he was living in Los Gatos, Cal. (where I lived) for a short period of time way back in the l960's. He's the one that got me started on the Parle genealogy.

Hope this gets to you. Thanks for sending this to me.



1.03.2001   Reply from Mike Parle


Glad to hear you are getting the hang of the e-mail. It is an invaluable, speedy, inexpensive communication vehicle.

Some questions I wished to ask you. Are you still in touch with Mr. H V Parle in Omaha, Nebraska? Is he on e-mail? Are there any other Parles there?

The final question is about the searching that you have done for your antecedents. Do they go back to Co. Wexford in Ireland?

Kindest regards




Hi Mike,

H.V. Parle died way back I believe in the 1970's. His son was the one the USS Parle was named after. And yes, I had been in touch with one man in Ireland by the name of Patrick Thomas Parle in 1968. He's probably dead now, too. And the Australian Melbourne Parle was a Laura nee Parle Ashley, if my memory serves right. She should be about my age (67). Can't help you too much. It all happened a long time ago. I just happened to keep letters and files all these years.

Anything else I can help with?




Yes, my ex husband's ancestors are from Co Wexford, Ireland. Richard Thomas Parle came to Penn and then met Bridget O'Neiland there and married. Some of the children were born in Philly. Then went by ship to San Francisco. Richard Thomas and his brother John D. Parle were seaman. Richard died at sea and his brother is buried at the military graveyard at Presidio, San Franciso. The rest of the children were born here in San Franciso.

Their home was at Howard and 10th Street in San Francisco. They were there when the 1906 earthquake hit. Their home was one of the last ones to burn in the fire and the first one to be rebuilt.

How's this?



25 March 2001  From Wanda Thompson Stockton, California

Hi Mike,

Just reread your 70+ page Parle document and it is very exciting to see all the information all together. Sure makes it a lot easier to see what the various Parle's from around the world have to say about their families. Thank you very much for putting it together. You did all of us a great service.

One thing that I wanted to add about my own Parle group (from Ireland to Penn to San Francisco, Ca.) The parents of Richard Thomas b. 1849 and John D. b. about 1852 are Bernard and Mary Moore Parle. The family story is that Bernard taught Latin at a boy's school in Wexford town.

So, if you happen to run across this name or know of anyone else that knows it, please let me know. I would be very grateful.

Another interesting thing is how many Parle's I've written over the years, and some of their descendants are still carrying on the research. Hope they all keep searching.




8 Apr 2001  From Wanda Thompson Stockton, California to Fred Parle, Sligo, Ireland

Subject: California Parle's

Hi Fred,

I saw your email address on the last thing Mike Parle of Ireland sent and was wondering if you are the Fred with a brother named Jonathan that was born in Alameda Co. California? I sure would like to find my ex husband's cousins. My ex husband is Walter L. Parle, his father was George Bernard Parle born in San Francisco and his father was Richard Thomas and Bridget Neiland Parle from County Wexford, Ireland. I would appreciate any information you could supply on your family.

Thank you very much, regards

Wanda Thompson


10.4.2001  Reply from Fred Parle 


Greetings from sunny Sligo, in the West of Ireland.

We have liquid sunshine here-its called rain!! And plenty of it, swept in by the Westerlies from the Atlantic Sea.

Nope, I’m Frederick J. Parle of Sligo Ireland and I’m a just retired Seagoing Marine Engineer of 61 Years old. In my Career spanning 1957 ‘till now I soldiered with Texaco, Tidewater, Seabulk, and a heap of other American Cos. in Middle Eastern and Far Eastern areas. Last was in Bangladesh for 2000.

I assume you have been in contact with Michael Parle of Dublin my brother (baby). As I’ve seen a Wanda pass across my pages. If not try him?

Good hunting,

Kind regards for the Networking,

Fred Parle.


25.04.2000 From Wanda Thompson to Mike Parle

Re: Parle Family History

Hello Mike

Please do me a favour and correct the impression that I am a Parle. My maiden name was not Parle.

I was married to a Parle for almost 10 years and divorced. I have 3 sons with the Parle name, Douglas Lyle, born 1963, Dennis Charles born 1965 and Darin Keith born 1969. I have 6 grandchildren with the name Parle. I also have 4 granddaughters and 2 grandsons and my research is to let them know about their Irish heritage. It is a hobby I enjoy. I would not want someone in the future getting mixed up and thinking it is myself with the Parle name. 

Thank you for your emails. Always enjoy hearing about everything you have learned.


Wanda Thompson


30.5.2001 From Wanda to Mike Parle

Subject: Visit by Fred and Mike Parle to Saltee Islands - Wexford

Sounds as though you had an interesting trip.

I have written my life history (as much as I dare print) for my children. But I daresay I could curl a few ears if I wrote it all. So best to just leave it alone as is. I started genealogy with my own family and found my grandmother family on my Dad's side came over on the Mayflower so that was a start. My ancestress, Mary Chilton raced John Alden to the end of the ship, and was the first to place her foot on Plymouth Rock. On my Mom's side we are related to the Presidents John and John Quincy Adams. My own family lines brought 16 of my ancestors to the Jamestown, and Richmond, Virginia area in the 1600s. I am very proud to have my ancestors be some of the first pioneers.

So it is natural, as a hobby, to seek and search any of my previous husband(s) families. And the Parle's are included as a labour of love for my sons and grandchildren.

Best regards

Wanda Thompson


30.3.2001   From Terri Nee Parle Liefering - Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Hello, Michael,

I would appreciate it if you would please e-mail me a copy of the Parle history that you have put together. My great-grandfather, James Parle, immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1881.

Thanks so much.

Terri (Parle) Lieffering


29.4.2001   From Jack Chambers Lakewood, Ohio,USA to Mike Parle

Re: Parle Family History


Does anyone have research data from the Kilmore Quay, Kilmore, Rathangan, County Wexford area? The time frame I am interested in is pre 1820; immediate post 1798 Uprising.

My family oral history has a Cleary marrying a Joanna/Judith/Judy Parle about 1804. Cleary was passing through (maybe on the run) and met her. J. Parle had land in the townland of Blackstone. I can find no hard data on the Parles in that region and that timeline.

Jack Chambers


30.5.2001   From Jack Chambers to Mike

Subject: Your Research on the Parle Family


It was good I thought you made a mistake. We go to Kilmore Quay every year. I cannot find any info on my gg grandmother Johanna Parle. She married Patrick Cleary. She my also been married to Nichols Cleary.

We Judy was another form of Johanna. I have a lot of Cleary family there. Also O’Briens.

Jack Chambers


29.06.2001  From John C Sears - Holbrook, New York USA to Mike Parle

Subject: Parle Ancestry

Dear Mike,

I am very interested in learning about my PARLE ancestry. The following is all I know about it at this time:

Margaret Parle (born between 1794-1818) (died after June 1851) married on 7 February 1839 in Waterford, Waterford Co., Ireland to James Barry of Waterford. I suspect that their household is listed under the Griffith's evaluation for Morgan Street in the Waterford Co. Parish of Trinity Without.

The family continued to reside here for many years afterwards. I descend through their son John Barry (b. June 1849). I know of two other sons... Thomas (b. approx 1840) and Patrick (b. June 1851).

I look forward to hearing from you.


John C. Sears  


From Cameron Parle

Further to my previous post, I've found the following site that lists "PARLE, John Joseph, Ensign, U.S. Naval Reserve" as a US Navy Recipient of the Medal of Honor. It doesn't mention what action he received it for though, nor for which conflict. 

Note: If the ‘Medal of Honor’ referred to is the Congressional Medal of Honor, it is the highest award that the USA can award to one of its citizens.

Note: Further information 6.6.2001 on this award for gallantry from John Joseph Parle:

John Joseph Parle was born 26 May 1920 at Omaha, Neb., and enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve as Apprentice Seaman at Omaha 11 January 1942. He began Midshipman training at Notre Dame University 5 October and was commissioned Ensign, USNR, on 28 January 1943. Following assignment with the Amphibious Force at Norfolk, Va., he was reassigned to the Northwest African Amphibious Force and attached to LST-375 as officer in charge of small boats during the invasion of Sicily, 9-10 July 1943. The Americans landed at 3 points along the south coast at Gela, Licata and Agriento. His force was to land at Licata.

"For valor and courage above and beyond the call of duty," as an accidentally ignited smoke pot was about to touch off a boat laden with high-explosive charges and ammunition, which would disclose to the enemy the assault about to be carried out, he unhesitatingly entered the craft, snuffed out some burning fuses, and after failing to extinguish the smoke pot, took it in his bare hands and tossed it over the side, succumbing a week later at a Naval Hopital in Tunisia as a result of poisonous fumes and smoke inhaled," he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Ensign Parle’s heroic self-sacrifice prevented grave damage to the ship and personnel and insured the security of a vital mission. He gallantly gave his life in the service of his country."

Cameron Parle 

[See also:, photo shown of Ensign Parle and USS Parle DE-708 .]


From Cameron Parle  

Found more details! It was World War II, not the American Civil War as I thought it might have been. "PARLE, JOHN JOSEPH (posthumous), Ensign, U.S. Naval Reserve, USS LST 375, Sicily, 9-10 July 1943".

Note:  Now at


18 Sept 2001 from John Patrick Parle to Mike Parle

Hi Mike,

Hello Parle researchers,

With September 11th but a week ago, here in the USA there is a call for courage in the months ahead. Courage can come in many forms. One heroic example is that of Ensign John Joseph Parle of the U.S. Navy during World War II. He was awarded posthumously the Congressional Medal of Honour, the highest military honour in the USA. While the war was still raging, a destroyer escort naval ship was named in his honour--the U.S.S. Parle. [see In Memory of Ensign Parle for more info]

John Patrick Parle, Michigan


Sgt. Charles L. Parle, MIA in Korea

[see In Memory of Charles Parle for more info]


12 November 2001 to JP from Dennis CC Mike

Subject: Back from Sicily

Hi John,

Just to let you know I am back from our trip to Italy, Sicily and Spain.

As you will recall a few days before i left on our trip you sent out an email indicating that ensign John Parle of USS Parle fame was a hero of the Sicily invasion so I tried to find out a bit about the invasion.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone who could help except to point out that Sicily was invaded by the British south of Syracuse; whilst the Americans landed at 3 points along the south coast at Gela, Licata and Agriento. All the forces headed north to cut Sicily into a number of segments.

When I get some time I intend to read up a bit more about the invasion. it would be interesting to find out which force John was in.

Best regards




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