Thu Dec 17, 1998  From: Ken Pfrenger

Subject: Welcome

Hello fellow Parles,

I would just like to welcome you to the Parle list. Right now there are only five of us on this list. Hopefully there will be more joining us soon.

Here is my interest in the surname:

My Great great grandfather was born in Galway Ireland April 10 1836. His name was Edward Patrick Pearl. My Grand mother’s name was Grace Pearl and my father Edward was born out of wedlock to an unknown father thus making his surname Pearl until my grandmother’s husband adopted him. So I guess in a way I feel a link to the surname Pearl. I am also very interested in genealogy, as I am sure many of you are as well. I wish I knew more about the surname....the most information I have found concerning the origins of the name was on Michael A Parle's page (Meavy, Devon, England).

So why a family Association? I just wanted to get a group going that could share their interest and knowledge with each other concerning Parle and all associated surnames..... And why should all the Irish and Scottish families have all the fun with their Clans and family associations?:-) Do I want to be in charge of this Association.....Hell no! I have terrible organization skills and my people skills aren't too happenin' either. I just wanted to get the ball rolling that's all. Any imput would be very helpful.

Thank you

Ken Pfrenger


23.06.2001 From Mike to Ken

Subj: Passenger Search – Pearl - (Ellis Island Passenger Search)


I thought you may be interested in the attached. It would appear that there are more emigrants with your surname spelling than Parle.

Kindest regards



23.06.2001 Reply from Ken to Mike

Thanks Mike,

I think a lot of it boils down to who is writing the name down. So many people who came to the USA in this time period had their names changed officially by the people who took them down. My brother in-laws family was named Solipeck but the guy who copied their name down wrote Sullivan! The name stuck! Another acquaintance has a family name of Pinion because the guy taking down the names thought Pinionelli was too ethnic sounding and convinced them to change the name on the spot.

I imagine with a nice thick Irish accent Parle could easily be mistaken for Pearl by these same people. The number of people with the name Pearl does seem to be rather low in my guess is just bad copying on the art of the record keepers.

Thanks again




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