11.2.2001 from John Patrick to Mike Parle

Subject: Parle in India

Hello Michael,

In the Aston Manor Document it talks of a Parle centuries ago who went to India where he was a successful business person. There is Vile Parle, which is a suburb of Bombay (now called Munbai). In this area there is a college that used to be called Parle Junior College; it has now been renamed after a benefactor.  See website at  

Also in India there is a business called House of Parle, which is close to being the largest dealer in soft drinks in that country.  See website at  

Let me know how things are progressing on the Parle document, when you are able.

Bye for now.

John Patrick Parle, Michigan, USA


12.2.2001 from John Patrick to Mike

Correction - Bombay is now called Mumbia (not Munbai, as I said below). Also from the link below you can see with a magnifying glass the product name "Parle" on the photo of Indian products. The company that makes Parle biscuits is in Bombay (Mumbai), which is where the town Vile Parle is located near.

The address is on the bottom of the website. I talked to a fellow from Parle College in India; he was a jolly fellow, and said that the name Parle in this part of India has been around since colonial times. 



From: John Patrick Parle
Sent: Saturday 2 February 2002
Subject: House of Parle in India

Greetings Parle researchers,
The Parle fruit products made in India can be seen better at the website below. The name "Parle" can be seen clearly on the cans and jar. 

A description of the House of Parle company in India can be seen at this website: below. At one point the majority of the soft drink market in India was run by the House of Parle. 

Best wishes,
John Patrick Parle, USA




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